Monday, 12 March 2012

Random pictures of the Hiz.

 Holding Daddy's hand, so precious.

 Tummy time... she hasn't been that happy in tummy time since.

 Uh oh... quick turn her to Jack!

 Oh... there you are, I love you Jack.
(Jack is the Jack Shabolt we have hanging in

our living room. She loves looking at it).

 Burp time!

 This is Hazel's favourite room in our apartment. It's her change table which is located in the storage room. I'm not sure if she just feels a sense of freedom on that change table or she is mesmerized by the golf clubs, cleaning supplies and boxes that surround her. Either way she is always tickled pink when we go in there!


  1. 1. Gorgeousness

    2. Brilliant

    3. Obviously a great personality.

    She's the total package.

  2. Ren says, "big eyed baby!"
    Willa says, "Hazel is a great baby!"
    Lydia says, "I concur."
    Torey says, " More posts, more posts!"